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Beauty is one of the most important concerns in modern culture. We ask ourselves “How can I look more youthful? What can I do about these fine lines, uneven pigmentation, scars and saggy skin?” For millennia, humans have sought ways to approve our appearances. Now, technology makes it easier and more affordable to achieve these results without spending thousands of dollars on a plastic surgeon, worrying about side effects of harsh drugs, or the long, uncomfortable, and painful recovery time associated with cosmetic surgery.

At the Fountain of Beauty Spa, we are educated in the newest development and technology in skin care, body care and hair removal. We are trained and specialized in anti-aging, acne and problem prone skin, de-pigmentation, re-whitening, deep skin cleansing, micro-dermabrasion, effective short term and long term hair removal, and permanent make-up.  From our wide range of new state of the art equipment to the award winning skin care products lines, there’s a product line and service for everyone.

Our chief Aesthetician, Sue Chin, has been in the skincare industry for over twenty years. Sue has practiced her craft in Boston, New York, Connecticut and Alaska.  She was the lead make-up artist for Pioneer Photo Studios in New York, specializing in bridal make-up, an instructor in permanent make-up, and did sales and training in the newest beauty equipment and technology for Beauty Beauty USA, New York. 

At Fountain of Beauty Spa, we are dedicated to providing the best services and skin care line for your individual worries and concerns. Every person is unique; let us help you understand your skin, educate you in keeping your skin healthy, and recommend a routine to improve your skin. Come in for a free consultation and discover for yourself how Fountain of Beauty can bring you a step closer to perfection!


Founder Sue Chin (front) and her staff


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