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What is Micro-dermabrasion?

It's the most effective, non-surgical procedure for the treatment of aging, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, acne scars, large pores, stretch marks, dull and sun damaged skin.

How does it work?

Micro-dermabrasion uses Corundum crystals to lightly bombard the skin and exfoliate cells and Corundum from your skin surface.  A slight vacuum is also present to remove the exfoliated cells and Corundum from your skin surface.

Two effects on you skin :

Smooth, refreshed and gently buffed skin
The skin perceives the corundum particle bombardment as an injury and your skin starts producing new fresh cells more rapidly. It is an Exciting way to awaken nature’s rejuvenation with your skin.  

An Explanation of What to Expect :

You will first have your skin cleansed and get the Enzyme Peeling Balm and Pre-Treatment Lotion, toned with gentle care by our aesthetic staff.
The micro-dermabrasion session will last approximately 30 minutes for a full face treatment. You will first feel the particle bombardment on the inner aspect of your arm, to assist you with acclimating yourself to the sensation of the procedure.
After the procedure, we will use the Hyaluron Hydro Balance Serum to replenish moisture to the individual layers of the epidermis and moisten the deeper skin layers evenly and quickly.  The Oxygen Fluid has an anti-inflammatory effect, anti-irritating properties and increases blood circulation.  This fluid penetrates free oxygen into deep skin layers that not only promote metabolism but also has a strong and deep moisture effect.  The Pycnogenol Cream SPF 15 will accelerate cell and connective tissue renewal and stimulate the growth of new skin.  Its sunscreen factors can protect the skin from sun damage, especially after the peeling.



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