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Anti-aging Treatments
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This is a brief description of our anti-aging services ...

Skin Tone Regeneration (Magic Hands)


Micro-currents used to tone and regenerate the skin cells’ metabolism, firm, tone and lift the skin using ampoule and collagen mask.  A combination of 3 in 1 treatment: firming skin, facial massage and collagen mask.  This is a very relaxing treatment.


Skin Tone Breast Enhancement


Enhances breasts to become firmer, fuller and lifted.

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Ultrasound Rejuvenate Treatment (Improved in one treatment)

Face and Neck

The vibration of the ultrasound waves helps the products penetrate to the deeper layer of the skin and the results are reduced fine lines, more firm and lifted skin, and also helps stimulate the growth of skin cell.


More firmness, reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.


Firmer, fuller and lifted in one treatment.

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ASA Fruit Cocktail Peel

The wrinkle-killer.  A unique cocktail of fruit acids to give you that fresh-face youthful look.  This treatment removes thickened horny layers of skin, accelerates and improves cell division, and improves moisture, increases collagen’s elasticity production and smoothes out those dreaded wrinkles.

Caviar Power Facial

Anti-aging & stress reducer.  You will regain renewed mental physical energy.  Your skin will come alive again and you will feel refreshed and relaxed.

Matrigel Collagen

The water soluble of collagen works to strengthen the skin’s elasticity.  This all-in-one operation combines massage, regeneration and a facial mask.  Results are firmer and revitalized skin.

Bio-matrix Eye Collagen

Rejuvenating eye treatment.  Recommended  for wrinkled eyes, eye bags, and dark circles. Replenishes the lost of collagen and recovers elasticity and firmness.

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LHE Phototheray (Photo Facial)

The latest new technology in photo-rejuvenation that treats:

Aging & Sun-damaged skin

Pigmented & Vascular Lesions

Couperose & Rosacea skin

Severe Acne & hair removal

*Visible Improvement in just one treatment*

Radiance has re-engineered the balance of light and heat energy to revolutionize non-ablative phototherapy called LHE (Light Heat Energy), this innovative technology combines broad-spectrum pulsed light and directly-applied heat to achieve successful results with unsurpassed safety, simplicity and efficiency. LHE eliminates the need to protect skin from the high-fluency light emitted by lasers and intense pulsed light modalities. Instead, LHE uses safer light-fluency boosted by direct heat to deliver equivalent energy to the target tissue.

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AyvrVeda Treatment

“Ayvr”=harmonic, “veda”=life. Using the wisdom of the ancient Indian technique that helps create harmony, balance and well-being in the body, mind and soul over the stress of everyday life.

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